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The single most important factor that will determine the ultimate success or failure of any organization is the energy and direction provided by its leadership. Hiring the right candidate is more critical than ever, and with the intense focus on honest, prudent and responsible leadership, the stakes are even higher. Because of this, employers in need of candidates with proven ability to make a real difference have turn to Pathfinder Recruitment Group.

Traditional recruiting methods, such as relying on networks, running ads or posting positions on the Internet, are reactive methods at best. They often fail to uncover the high-caliber talent not actively seeking new opportunities.

Pathfinder Recruitment Group is a professional recruiting agency. We seek out and attract star-talent within competing organizations. We also go out and look at other industries as well to make sure we find qualified candidates.

We have listed below some of the process’s that we take when looking for qualified professionals.

  • Presentation skills and communication style – This person will be representing you in the marketplace. They should be polished and articulate.
  • Persuasiveness – This person should have the ability to tell a compelling story about your company and the opportunity.
  • Knowledge – Do they have sufficient industry and functional knowledge to make sound recommendations and help you stay on track?
  • Integrity – Do they represent themselves and their firm as operating in with the highest in ethical and honest standards?
  • Perception – They must have the ability to assess and see past a candidate’s experiences into their true leadership style and competency. Good recruiters are students of human psychology and utilize sophisticated methods to interview potential hires.

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